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Card Sent via Facebook Post When you send your card via Facebook, your recipient will see a thumbnail of the card they received along with a link to click to view the card. Stylize text with a range of font options To add text to a Post project, click inside the text box and type.

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When happy with your message, click the Done button to move on. You can change the width of the signature lines with the line width slider. What is Just Wink's commitment to Accessibility? To select your Friend as a recipient, simply click on Send Private Message and type their name into the Facebook pop-up window that appears.

The photo will then be placed within the card. If you do not have the justWink app already, you will need to download it in order to purchase the card packs. App Only Select 'add voice message'. Yes, you are able to share ecards to more than one friend by selecting Private Message.

You can make the font, position size, font color and selling. When you are enthusiastic with the report, hit the done phone to move on. Fall 'Echo to Add a Time'.

Add an image Themes datung come with an included image, but that can be changed. Do I have to pay to send justWink greeting cards? Click on the 'record' button to begin recording. They can use their cursor or finger on a touch screen to click on the card to view each page, or drag and open each page of the card.

You can play back Juzt message once you have finished recording. We will be adding many more locations to the current store list, so check back frequently to find a store near you. Your voice message can be up to 20 seconds in length. Visit the Spark blog for tips, video guides and tutorials to make the most of Spark Post's tools and features for designing your own cards. As you type, the message will appear in the card in a font specially chosen for that card.

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